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San Diego State University

National Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Genaro Hernandez in a Lab
  • Shannon Clark Sitting in Field
  • Gabriel Chait Hiking
  • Alterra Sanchez
  • Goldwater, Alicia V. Zamudio Montes de Oca, Honorable Mention
  • Estefania Castaneda Perez

Honors student earns the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship to advance graduate studies in biomedical science

Udall scholar pursues environmental law degree

Honors student and sustainability advocate Shannon Clark is one of five in California funded by the Udall Foundation.

Former SDSU Fulbright Scholar at Yale University

Former SDSU Fulbright Scholar, Gabriel Chait, MS student at Yale University

Goldwater Scholarship, Alterra Sanchez

Scholar named honorable mention for prestigious Goldwater scholarship

Goldwater, Alicia Zamudio, Honorable Mention

Goldwater, Alicia V. Zamudio Montes de Oca, Honorable Mention

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Spain

    Welcome to National Scholarships and Fellowships

    The National Scholarships and Fellowships is a resource for students seeking to enrich their academic and personal development through the application process for prestigious national merit scholarships.


    National merit scholarships attract and award students who want to enhance their education by exploring opportunities and experiences that go beyond their prescribed course load. These honors are bestowed upon students who have demonstrated academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, personal integrity and strength of conviction through public service and/or leadership.


    We encourage you to research the scholarships that are available in your field of interest and welcome the opportunity to assist you.

    National Scholarships and Fellowships

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