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San Diego State University

National Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Genaro Hernandez in a Lab
  • Shannon Clark Sitting in Field
  • Kelly Nguyen
  • Alterra Sanchez
  • Goldwater, Alicia V. Zamudio Montes de Oca, Honorable Mention
  • Estefania Castaneda Perez

Honors student earns the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship to advance graduate studies in biomedical science

Udall scholar pursues environmental law degree

Honors student and sustainability advocate Shannon Clark is one of five in California funded by the Udall Foundation.

Student Earns NIH Undergraduate Scholarship

Goldwater Scholarship, Alterra Sanchez

Scholar named honorable mention for prestigious Goldwater scholarship

Goldwater, Alicia Zamudio, Honorable Mention

Goldwater, Alicia V. Zamudio Montes de Oca, Honorable Mention

Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to Spain

    Welcome to the National Scholarships and Fellowships Office at San Diego State University!

    The National Scholarships and Fellowships Office advises and assists qualified undergraduates, regardless of scholar affiliation, interested in applying for national scholarships and fellowships. Through the promotion of opportunities campus-wide and faculty/staff collaborations, we seek to develop a campus culture that encourages students to pursue prestigious opportunities.


    The National Scholarships and Fellowships Office serves San Diego State University in the following ways:


    • Informs undergraduates and faculty/staff about major national fellowship opportunities
    • Recruits competitive applicants across campus
    • Helps students identify fellowship opportunities which match their goals and accomplishments
    • Advises students through the logistics of the fellowship application process
    • Collaborates with the SDSU Writing Center to provide writing assistance on fellowship application materials
    • Oversees the campus evaluation and selection process for fellowship awards as required
    • Prepares official, university endorsement packages for selected fellowship nominees
    • Assists students preparing for national fellowship interviews

    These various National Scholarship & Fellowship opportunities are geared not only for students in their last year of college, but for all students—from first-years to seniors—who want to pursue their academic goals beyond SDSU.

    We encourage you to research the scholarships that are available in your field of interest and welcome the opportunity to assist you.

    If you are an incoming freshman and are interested in scholarships and funding opportunities for your SDSU career, please contact the 
    Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.  

    Undergraduate Research Opportunities

    Click here to learn how you can engage in undergraduate research opportunities,
    and connect to summer research internships

    National Scholarships and Fellowships

    Division of Undergraduate Studies
    Michelle Lopez, Assistant Dean
    San Diego State University
    5500 Campanile Drive,
    San Diego, CA 92182-1623
    Phone: (619) 594-2871
    Fax: (619) 594-7934

    Weber Honors College Students

    Please make an appointment with
    Dr. Martha Enciso
    Associate Director
    San Diego State University
    Phone: (619) 594-3834
    Office:  Admin 201-D